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IRINA AND VALERY NAGY Today chaos reings in visual art. Everything is broken down into individual elements.
The world is fragmenting. Man is fragmenting. Art has begun to perform the role of science. Art is examining itself, breaking the world up into disparate parts, studying all the pieces. As a result of this process, art becomes stratified, and is dematerialised.

In our view, the time has come "to gather stones together". To gather up this fragmented world, and, in the space of a picture, to make something unified and hamonious of it, where all the parts are subordinate to a whole. However, this larger unity consists of interdependent elements which move with a common rhythm. Each part has its onw individual and unique meaning. Each part is significant in and of itself and more than that, it has value in relation to the whole.

At the root of our approach to painting lies the Impressionists' insight that everything created in the world consists of a single substance. All is interlinked, and energy flows every where between objects. Hence the concept of an absence of boundaries between
objects and space. Boundaries are an illusion. There are no boundaries - but there are contiguities, points of contact and penetration of objects into each other and of objects into space. Our purpose is to achieve a fusion of these connections on canvas.

We want to take the world around us and the idea of man as a harmonious being inseparably linked to the Divine Cosmos, and to create of it a unity.

In the Age of Antiquity and the Renaissance the art of painting reached its peak of perfection in form. It cannot be improved upon,and there is probably no sense in trying. Today, then, we do not feel we must create works of absolute formal beauty. Rather, we must provide an opportunity to appreciate the inherent beauty of the human soul and the world around us.

In our pictures we try to express age-old human yearning for the beauty and harmony of "Paradise Lost", and to show how this beauty and harmony may be asserted.

The time is near when the mysterious will become real. It is emerging from behind a veil of taboo and inaccessibility. The mysterious is becoming actually tangible and perceptible. Our task as artists is to reveal it to the world.

The mystery of all living things is revealed only in love. Only Love helps us to see into the secrets of life. It is man's love for nature that opens up its secrets and the secrets of the nature of man. Only in the love of God do we reveal the secrets of our souls and the secrets of the Lord ! Only in the love of each other do we become aware of ourselves and our potential. Everything we love also gives of itself to us, opening up as it does so wonderful, mystical essence.

The meaning of life is Love. Love is creation. Creation is a way of living. Creation is the meaning of life !!!

Sense what is to come, absorb it, take it in, comprehend it!

Break through into the beyond. Feel the wonder, the profundity of the world, the cosmic links between all things that are ....

The divine light...

Not sunlight. A sort of mysterious light that you feel inside yourself. Sunlight bears a certain likeness to this internal light, of course. Sunlight is a symbol of the Divine Light. So the artists, painting sunlight, have sought to express the Divine Light.

Everything is in ourselves alone and in our relation to the world around us. You have to sense that everything around you is alive, filled with the secret life of the soulstop, listen, touch and feel the warmth and immanent energy of things.

It seems to us that we are on the brink of an epiphany... And yes, look, in our apprehension of the Truth something new is coming through. Yet each time you have it, this sensation, that you have reached the heart of truth - it is a lie.

Behind that door is a new road. And that is the infinity of becoming aware.

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